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Solihull College, Woodlands Campus

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Aluminium Standing Seam Roof & Wall 0.9mm gauge, 65mm deep, 400mm cover width sheets 
complete with best quality ARS paint finish to RAL 9002 & 7022.
Purpose made 'Cranked' Wall to Roof junction using TIG Welding to Standing Seam Sheets.
Thermal Insulation material to achieve 0.15 U Value.
Polythene vapour control layer.
Profiled Steel Liner 0.7mm gauge, 20mm deep, 1000mm cover with sheets complete with BWLE 
paint finish.
Rainscreen Gable Cladding comprising Aluminium Secret Fix 1.0mm gauge, 300mm cover width 
Thermal Insualtion material to achieve 0.2 U Value.

Main contractor

Galiford Try Building
South Central
Leicester Road 
Wolvey, Hinckley
LE10 3JF
Tel:01455 561611


Assosiated Architechts LLP
1 Severn Street Place 
The Mailbox 
B1 1SE 
Tel: 0121 2336600

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